Chiropractic care for shoulder pains

Chiropractic care for shoulder pains

Chiropractic care is commonly seek for spine pains and neck pains. However, your shoulder pains can also be treated with chiropractic care. Shoulder pain treatment and relief is instantly achieved by patients through seeing a chiropractor or a spine specialist in Karachi and Islamabad. 

If you are experiencing pains in the neck and shoulder areas, seeking the care of the best chiropractor is your best shot. Firstly, you need to identify what kind of pain you are experiencing.  

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Identifying shoulder pains 

There are more than just one simple kind of shoulder pains. 

  1. Dislocated shoulder pain

Swelling in the main shoulder joints and tissues areas is a clear symptom of a dislocated shoulder. The pain also travels up and down from your neck to your shoulder. This can happen due to an injury, in most common cases. Make sure to keep your shoulder in one place by tying it with a soft cloth before you seek chiropractic care for dislocated shoulder. 

  • Frozen shoulder

This kind of pain is the on the most extreme level, and clients at Dr. Agha Ebrahim’s clinic face immense discomfort and difficulty in everyday routine due to frozen shoulder. With frozen shoulder pain, there is difficulty in moving, sometimes becomes impossible as well. So, what causes a frozen shoulder? This is caused by inflammatory shoulder capsule around the main shoulder joint. 

  • Tendonitis

Collagen tissues keep our joints and muscles working together. Due to an injury, or overuse (aging), tendons in the shoulder area often get damaged. Due to this, tendonitis pains are caused. If not treated timely, this can lead to severe pains and also require a surgery. Chiropractic care for tendonitis is the quickest way to find relief. Redness and swelling are some common symptoms of tendonitis. 

Exercises recommended by Dr. Agha Ebrahim

While proper care from a spine specialist, back pain specialist and cervical pain doctors in Karachi and Islamabad is the right way to go to find suitable treatment, some exercises and home remedies can also help with temporary relief. Learn more about cervical pain here!

Heat packs for affected areas can be helpful as well. Ice packs are also recommended, with lots of rest and minimal exertion are recommended by Dr. Agha Ebrahim. Some other recommendations are:

  • Fixing your posture

Your posture plays an important contribution in bodily pains. Make sure that when you are doing daily activities like using smartphone or using a computer, you sit straight up and keep your shoulders straight as well. They should be bent, and neither should you be putting all your weight on one shoulder. Fixing your posture will also help prevent and treat back pains, spinal issues and so on. 

  • Exercises and stretching routine

Try establishing a 5-mintue stretching routine after your wake up and before you go to bed. Simple stretches for your shoulder, in a way that it does not cause any pain and is easy for you. This will help reduce stiffness. 

Some effective and highly recommended exercises are the shoulder pendulum, where you lean your body forward on a table or a comfortable height of a bed, and leave your shoulder fully relaxed and move it like a pendulum with your body’s motion. 

Remember to keep minimal pressure on your shoulders by keeping your elbow while lifting things. 

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