Chiropractor for women

Chiropractor for women

Amongst many types of pains and needs that we cater to for our patients, the need for physical strength and health in women is also one of our top priorities. Several researches and studies have been conducting that conclude that women are more vulnerable to physical health issues, specifically joint pains. This is because the stages that their bodies go through, particularly pregnancy and menopause, but their bodies under great amounts of stress and drastic changes.  

Aging also leads most people towards weight gain, which further makes the situation worse for women’s bones and joints. A study also suggests that for women, the ages between 40 to 60 are crucial for women to remain healthy through various ways including healthy eating and ample exercise.  

Keeping in mind the needs of our patients, we provide specialised chiropractic therapy in Pakistan to women of all ages. Our clinic is home to specialised spine doctors and chiropractor for women.

Benefits of chiropractic care for women 

There are a number of issues that chiropractors can help solve including misaligned disks in the lower back, sciatica nerve pain, and shoulder aches as well. However, many people wonder how can the best chiropractor for women can benefit them. Here is a list of common problems that chiropractic care can help:

  • Chiropractic care for osteoporosis

osteoporosis is a condition in which your bones lose their quality by becoming porous and decreasing their density. This condition makes bones more vulnerable to breaking and are therefore weaker. So, the question is, what causes osteoporosis? 

Due to poor diet and lifestyle nowadays, most of us have a lack of calcium in our bodies. As a result, this life-long deficiency of calcium leads to such problems. Also, being underweight extremely limited food intake can also cause osteoporosis. 

Chiropractor tools such as manipulating and realigning the bones can help this condition. A good chiropractic care guarantees relief from osteoporosis, since it allows your bones to regain their full range of motion. Therefore, chiropractic care ensures better and lesser risk of falls and fractures, preventing weak bones to break and become dysfunctional. 

So, what is osteoarthritis? Basically, this is a condition that is caused by the wear and tear of our joints. The effects of osteoarthritis is that it limits the patient’s mobility, their physical activity and also is painful to the patient. 

Unfortunately, there has not been any cure for osteoarthritis. There can be a maximum amount of pain relief. Studies and researches show that off-the-counter gels, pain killers, and soothing creams can help relieve pain. However, you can definitely get chiropractic care for relief from arthritis. Here is how. 

Joint chiropractors can minimize joint pains through chiropractic tools and techniques. They manipulate your joints in a way that the stiffness is them reduces and eases activity. In fact, it is highly suggested that older people with arthritis should visit chiropractors near them more frequently. 

Chiropractic care for women – chronic pelvic pain

There are multiple different causes of pelvic pain. However, before moving on to the causes, lets first see what is pelvic pain?

Basically, there are sacroiliac joints in your pelvic area. These joints are the bridge between your upper and lower body, ensuring smooth transfer of force from both sides. When these joints, also referred to as SI joints dysfunction, they cause pelvic pain.

A major cause of pelvic pain in women is pregnancy. Due to the extra body weight and the bent-posture, there is a lot of stress on the SI joints. Due to this pressure, inflammation is caused and therefore the pain develops. Finding a good chiropractor for women near me should be your choice.

Chiropractic care for women is also covered by Dr. Agha Ebrahim, a qualified chiropractor in Karachi. Back pain specialists in Karachi such as him use some adjustments and manipulation to get back the mobility in your body. Plus, they also recommend the use of ice packs and belts to give more relief for pelvic pain. Dr. Agha is also a renowned spine specialist in Islamabad. 

Get scheduled for chiropractic care today!

If you are experiencing any such joint and bone problems and can’t find the most suitable cure, chiropractic care is much needed for you. Our back pain specialist in Karachi strongly recommends seeking chiropractic treatment for particularly long-term and chronic issues like pelvic pain. Moreover, if you have sciatica pain, you can learn all about it here and also get the best care as well. 

Worried about finding the best chiropractor near me? Or not sure how much is a chiropractor consultation for? You can quickly get the quotes for your treatment here, and book a hassle-free online appointment to get yourself ample care.

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