Good riddance to sciatica pain!

Good riddance to sciatica pain!

People fall victim to multiple kind of back pains that either develop through an injury, and sometimes even through unknown reasons which can be really frustrating and disturbing as well. One particular kind of pain that is easy to identify is sciatica pain. While the pain is quite common in young adults and older people, it can worsen if not treated properly within the right time. Before you can go ahead and search your options for sciatica pain relief and treatment, first lets understand how sciatica works. 

What causes sciatica pain?

Sciatica is referred to as the “longest” nerve in a human’s body, that runs all along starting from the lower back down till the toes. The spine, or the lower back is made with bones cushioned with disks made of tissues. The sciatica nerve comes under pressure and flares up. As a result, this gets painful when these round disks in your lower back become displaced and/or worn out. 

Put in simpler, non-technical terms, the wearing out of disks in your lower pain causes pressure on the nerves. This is exactly how sciatica pains begin. 

The causes behind this can be age. Due to years of use and functioning, disks often wear out and develop narrowing of the nerves around them. Injury is also another very common problem that usually occurs in younger people.

Often, working out and doing some hard exercises in a bad posture or poor guidance can cause these disks to dysfunction. 

You need to be careful and avoid identifying every kind of back or lower back pains as sciatica pains. The most common symptom of sciatica pain is that it runs all along from your lower to the side of your leg. Here are some common sciatica pain symptoms:

  • Pains in hip
  • Tingling sensations in leg
  • Difficulty in standing up
  • Occasional shooting pains
  • Numbness in foot

A very interesting perspective in defining and identifying causes of sciatica pain is that it can be flare up due to mental and/or emotional stress. Scientists suggest that due to stress, anxiety and other such emotional states, the brain does not deliver enough oxygen for the nerves in your body. Due to this, the lower back nerves can malfunction and become painful. 

Are home remedies any good?

A common and frequently advised treatment or relief for sciatica pain is bed rest. While bed rest allow the nerve to relax and get back to normal, a lot of research in these regards show otherwise. Research internationally has been conducted to see how effective bed rest is for short-term and long-term sciatica. 

There are also some minor exercising, stretching and change of habits that you can indulge into for relief from sciatica pain. As experienced and qualified chiropractors in Pakistan, we strongly recommend bringing changes in lifestyle rather than going for short-term solutions. Back pain specialists always press on brining changes in your posture, physical activity and so on. Here are some tips for you to fight sciatica pain and prevent it from worsening:

  1. Weight loss

Obesity is one of the major causes of such pains. Switching to healthier eating habits can do wonders for your body even at an older age. Change your diet and switch to healthier alternatives. Also ensure some physical activity, which is the next step for sciatica pain relief.

  • Physical activity

Light stretching, walking, minor exercises that you can do within the facilities of your home are effective ways to fight acute sciatica. 

However, the aforementioned solutions only are suitable for acute pains. For chronic sciatica pains, we recommend:

Visit a Chiropractor

If your sciatica pain has become long-term and is not getting any better, it is vital that you see a spine specialist of a back pain specialist in Karachi. Chiropractors and lower back pain doctors work by manually adjusting and fixing the misalignments of slipped disks in your back. These specialists get training for years. This enables them to professionally diagnose and treat these issues within the lower back. In technical terms, such lower back and spinal problems are also known as neuromuscular disorders. 

Understanding the Advantages of the Chiropractor

If you have tried home remedies such as stretching, use of cold and hot packs and weight loss and are still not able to recover from the pain, its time that you seek professional help. As a resident in Karachi or Islamabad, are you wondering where are experienced chiropractors near me? Dr. Agha Ebrahim is a reputable back pain specialist providing sciatica pain treatment in Islamabad and Karachi. His services are available for patients of all ages. As specialists, they strongly recommend the use of professional help before sciatica gets worse for you. 

Get in touch now! 

End your search for a professional chiropractor can get your treatment for the sciatica pain as soon as possible. With quick and easy appointment/booking service online, you can have a normally functioning, fully treated back and feel refreshed again at Dr. Agha Ebrahim’s clinic today! 

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