Lower back pain: Causes, Diagnoses and Treatments

Lower back pain: Causes, Diagnoses and Treatments

Table of contents:

  • Causes of lower back pain
  • Diagnosing lower back pain
  • Chiropractic care for lower back pain

Lower back pain is often confused with sciatica nerve pain. However, there is a slight difference between the two, and also have various different causes of lower back pain. Lower back pain can exist as either acute or chronic pain, but needs serious attention and care in both cases. Backache leads to severe disturbances and difficulties in carrying out every day activities and chores, such as driving cars, walking in grocery stores and so on. Lower back and leg pain go hand in hand.

Causes of lower back pain

If you are suffering from acute, semi-acute or chronic lower back pain, here is a list of causes of lower back pain that can be used to understand your problem.

  • Lumbar pain due to extra strain

Lumbar pain or lumbar strain is often also explained as a pain or strain laid upon ligaments, tissues and/or muscles of the lower back. This can occur due to your lifting something unusually heavy at work or for leisure purposes as well.

  • Pregnancy

Back pain or backache during pregnancy is very common. Because your body tissues and ligaments are already becoming softer and stretchable during pregnancy, there is a fair chance that your joints and bones cannot hold the pressure or extra weight any longer. This is rather inevitable, and can be treated by simple exercises and relaxation techniques. Find some effective lower back pain exercises here.

  • Poor body posture

Since everyone now spends several hours sitting in their office or computer chair using digital screens, slouched posture is a common issue. Even the youngest of people can have a poor and bad posture. As a result, extra strain is put on your lower back, leading to an increase is backache. Sometimes, your posture is not the cause of the pain, but it surely can increase the intensity of the pain.

  • Herniated discs

There are several discs that work in conjunction to form your spine and enable its functionality. Herniated discs refer to a condition when the nucleus in your spinal disc gets defected and bulges. The bulging of these discs results in herniation, causing extensive lower back pain. Herniated discs also cause numbness in the lower back.

  • Sciatica

A nerve, called sciatica, goes all the way from your lower back down to your hips, and to the buttocks down towards each leg. Several things, such as bulging discs or narrowed spine can compress on the sciatica nerve and lead it to becoming irritated and painful. Sciatica pain is very extreme in some people, and needs instant treatment and professional care. However, if you do not treat sciatica pain with non-surgical methods, a surgery might become necessary in the longer run. Chiropractic care for sciatica pain is believed to be the most reliable and effective solution.

Diagnosing lower back pain

It is quite possible that your acute lower back pain is only momentary and nothing serious. Period pains, pregnancy back pain, and other minor pains do not necessarily need medical care or chiropractic treatment unless they hinder everyday life.

A list of symptoms of lower back pain can help you diagnose whether or not you need lower back chiropractor.

  • Body scans

Basic scans such as X-rays are used to confirm and verify if there is any noticeable damage in the lower back area. MRI scans are also widely used to diagnose tissue damage. CT scans are also used for diagnosing disc or soft tissue damage in lower back.

  • Stinging in lower back

A sharp, stinging pain in the lower back area can be a good indicator of acute or chronic back pain.

  • Frequent muscle spasms

Muscle spasms are a commons symptom of lower back pain and sciatica pain. They are reoccurring in older aged people in particular.

  • Standing and sitting posture

You will face difficulty in maintaining a good standing or sitting posture. While standing or walking, your back might be slouched, and while sitting, sitting straight up might be difficult. In such cases, your lower back needs serious care and treatment.



Treatments of lower back pain

By using techniques like checking palpations, visual examination and manipulative touch, a chiropractor can bring effective relief from lower back pain. Chiropractor experts at Dr Agha’s clinic are experienced individuals who use their hands to apply accurate and precise pressure to certain points in your lower back, which lead to the manipulation of displaced and damaged discs.

If you are suffering from lower back pain, backache or sciatica pain in Karachi and Islamabad, book an appointment online to quickly get treated. Consultation with Agha Ibrahim and his team of experts in Karachi and Islamabad can help you understand your condition better. Book your appointment here!