What Techniques Do Chiropractors Use

What Techniques Do Chiropractors Use

You must have come across to a lot of people giving you advice and seeing a physiotherapist for your body pains. However, there is very little knowledge and understanding of how chiropractic treatment works on chronic and acute pains in Pakistan. Which is why there is also a lot of people who don’t understand how chiropractic treatment will help them.

In America, chiropractors are regularly visited by a lot of people. 35% of the Americans are reported to visit chiropractors for back pain relief. Americans with knee injuries, migraine headaches and leg injuries also visit chiropractors.

If you are suffering from acute or chronic pains such as in your lower back, sciatic pain, herniated discs or knee pains, then chiropractic care is a must for you. Dr. Agha’s clinic in Karachi and Islamabad help you treat and get long-term relief from such pains. Here is a detailed guide about what is chiropractic treatment.

What does a chiropractor do?

Most commonly, people seeking relief for back pain or lower back treatment can make the most out of chiropractic care. Chiropractic treatment for sciatica and lower back pain helps realign herniated discs and manipulate your spine. Without drugs or surgical methods, you will see significant improvement in your lower back. Chiropractors provide relief from these issues by using the following techniques and methods:

  • Soft-tissue therapy

Overly toned or hyper toned muscles often cause a lot of pain in your body. It is a condition called hypertonia, and refers to when the muscles around your joints or your limbs are too large for your limb to move easily. This makes your leg or arm or your joints difficult to move, limiting your range of mobility. Soft tissue therapy uses firm pressure and force. The pressure is applied directly, and often the area is stretched and taped so that it stays like that for a while. For this kind of technique, chiropractors may also make use of specialized equipment that helps apply enhanced pressure.

  • Spinal adjustment

This is also referred to as flexion distraction, or the Cox Technique. This is definitely the most common technique used in all chiropractor clinics and in Dr. Agha’s clinic in Islamabad and Karachi. The technique is incredibly effective in treating herniated, bulging or misaligned spinal discs. The chiropractor manipulates the patient’s spine on a special table that allows the doctor to apply sufficient pressure. The patient feels slight stretches in their back during this chiropractic technique.

  • Spinal mobilization

As the name of this chiropractic technique might suggest, it is used to increase your spine’s health, relief pains and also increase the overall spinal range of mobility.

  • Exercises

This kind of technique is often used for acute pains, and for treatment maintenance mostly. Exercises are also sometimes referred to as self-management technique, where the chiropractor prescribes or suggests particular exercises for you to do at home. As a result, your treatment remains intact and you don’t worsen your condition. Some good advices that are given by the expert chiropractors at our clinic include maintaining a good posture, stretching regularly and some healthy lifting techniques.

Chiropractic care VS Physiotherapy

Do not confuse chiropractic care with physiotherapy. The two are of very different nature and target different points of your body, treating them differently to give you relief from pain. The key difference between chiropractor and physiotherapist is that a physio uses methods like heating, muscle massages and exercises to treat a particular area. Meanwhile a Chiropractor uses hand-on manipulation of the spinal area, as well as other areas and soft tissues.

Get Treated Today!

It is very important to have sufficient knowledge and information about the treatment you are planning to get for your body pains. If you are suffering from chronic or acute body pains and need permanent relief, visit a chiropractor clinic in Karachi and Islamabad today. Make sure to get an appointment for consultation at Dr. Agha’s clinic so you get answers to all your queries, before going ahead with the treatment.